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One of the most important services your nonprofit organization might avail yourself to is an IRS Compliance Review.  An IRS Compliance Review looks at the policies and procedures of the nonprofit.  Tax Exemption is the most important asset of a nonprofit organization.  Correct policies and procedures protects that asset.

By having an IRS Compliance Review performed by a CPA with the knowledge of the IRS regulations affecting nonprofit organizations, the nonprofit will discover what it is doing right and what areas need to be adjusted.  That information, when implemented, will allow the organization to operate with confidence.  

It’s better to find out from someone on your side than from an adversary!

It is not a frequent event, but it does happen that tax-exempt organizations and/or the principal officers and directors find themselves facing penalties including Intermediate Sanctions for not operating the public charity within mandated guidelines.

Schnaufer & Walker, P.C. can alert you to current or potential problems before things get out of hand.