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One of Schnaufer & Walker's areas of expertise is the tax return requirements of ministers.

Having worked with ministers across the country for many years, we understand how ministers are generally considered employees of the church but are treated as self-employed for social security purposes.  If a pastor opts out of the social security program, we know how it affects his tax liability.  We know the tax advantages a minister enjoys by receiving a housing allowance or parsonage.

Other important factors include the fair rental value of the home limitation, the Deason rule limiting deductible employee business expenses, the proper treatment of love offerings and honorariums, etc.

After reviewing our web site, we hope you can see the value of having a CPA who is also a Christian minister - with the combined specialties of nonprofit tax law and tax-reduction strategies - on your team!!  Would a firm that understands your ministry or charity, that can relate to your ministry's exempt purpose, and that can ease your tax reporting and accounting burdens possible free you up for more effective ministry?